Adel Al-Ghusein

Co- Founder & Creative Director of Al Teraz Architects & Engineering Consultants.

(BS.c.) Architecture from The University of Damascus

With many years of experience, working with various international and global firms, Adel has mastered and perfected his perception of Architecture, creating a unique and profound identity for his designs.

Adel started out his architectural career in Amman, Jordan where he began to build his design philosophy of bringing together a well thought out marriage of aesthetics, function and practicality altogether.

He is known for having quite the  imagination as well as dealing significantly with different design strategies, being up to date with the latest technologies, and being quite the risk taker with his cutting edge designs.

After having established Al Teraz in 1996, his work ethic, persistence, and passion to his field is what led to Al Teraz’s distinction in the Architectural niche in the United Arab Emirates.

To him, the client’s satisfaction is of critical importance, no matter the complexity of the project, typology, and budget. “To create a timeless design where the client will reach an epitome of comfort and admiration, obtaining an elevated lifestyle as an end result, is the ultimate achievement.”

Notable Awards

Appreciation of The Fourth Sharjah Urban Planning Sympposium (SUPS4) – Awarded by the Government of Sharjah

Appreciation Award – Awarded by the Emirates Strategic Planning Association in co-operation with The Ministry of Interior of the U.A.E.

Fatin Hamad

Co-Founder & Creative Director of Al Teraz Architects & Engineering Consultants

(BS.c.) Architecture from The University of Baghdad

Having grown her career through various international and global award-winning companies, Fatin has professionalized her vision and perception of Architecture over her 30 years of work.

Fatin begun her architectural career in Amman, Jordan, where she stood out most for her attentive eye for detail, vast knowledge in critical design solutions, ultimate creativity, and wide knowledge of building materials  as well as  latest technologies.

She led a numerous amount of significant and outstanding projects throughout her career. After establishing Al Teraz in 1996, she has excelled and reached several milestones in her designs.

Fatin believes in the philosophy of achieving the ultimate client satisfaction as a result. “An impressive design is one that is well thought out from the start, undergoing extreme alterations through the whole design process, to finally attaining a result that is appreciated for a lifetime.”

As architects together, their design mantra is,

“To unfold & unravel a client’s story into something far beyond their initial vision, adapting to any place or time, continually growing.”